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Back to Basics

By fitasamonkey, Jun 5 2013 11:22AM

I thought I would keep it simple this week and just give you a few reminders about the basics!

SO… what are the basics?

Hydration – in an ideal world stick to drinking water - aiming for around 2 litres a day, more if you’re exercising or out and about in the sun

Activity/exercise – aim to achieve a minimum of 30 minutes a day of something active that raises your pulse above normal e.g. walking, gardening, hoovering etc. and ideally 2-3 "exercise" sessions a week (generally speaking strength training and more intense cardio but it depends on you as an individual) **always remember to warm up before you exercise (dynamic stretches) and cool down with static stretches**

Healthy balanced meals - protein (lean), carbohydrate (portion controlled, whole grains where possible), fats (the good ones! avoid the processed saturated fats), fibre - a rainbow of vegetables and fruit! (Avoiding any additional sugar, especially refined sugar so no cakes, biscuits etc.)

My top foods of the last week have been at the pink/red end of the rainbow... beetroot and rhubarb (not at the same time!) and I made my own granola/cereal because I couldn't find a healthy one to buy - that was a workout in itself bashing/grinding up the nuts and seeds the old fashioned way - I made a huge batch (has to be eaten in small portions!)

Enjoy the sunshine and really make sure you stay hydrated…..

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