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Do you need another reason to exercise?!

By fitasamonkey, Apr 15 2013 02:31PM

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and is ready to start another week full of energy and enthusiasm! :-) That's us into week 16 of 2013... hasn't time flown?

SO I think it's time to reflect on what has happened this year!

Are you still working towards the same goal/challenge you set at the start of the year? If you are that's great BUT have you got as far as you'd hoped you would by now?

Do you need to have a re-think, has your focus changed? I know life gets in the way sometimes but it's really important to stay on track with your exercise and healthy eating so you can get the most out of life now and in the future :-) Set yourself a new goal or refresh the old!

If you need more reason to make exercise a daily event check out this link to "The Memory Toolbox: 75 Tips..." if you haven't got time to read them all just now scroll down to numbers 54-64 which specifically relate to exercise although some others are linked to exercise too (reducing stress for example).

Also just to highlight number 75 (last but not least) is also very relevant!

"Staying properly hydrated can do more for your body and mind than eating, at times. Drink your recommended 8-10 glasses day."

Have a great week :-)

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