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Make it happen

By fitasamonkey, May 8 2013 08:55AM

While I was working hard in my garden over the weekend enjoying the dry weather I was thinking what should I write about in my blog this week ... the thing that kept popping into my head was my hedge…. Using the concept of functional fitness I had a great 2 day workout with my saw, loppers and ladder!

Now this is no ordinary hedge it seems to have thrived over the years, casting shadows over my garden and I think it may be the most unruly Leylandi hedge in Cockenzie!

You may be thinking what does this have to do with Fit as a Monkey?!

Well…. I am so much more motivated this week now that I have started cutting the hedge (see Monday Slug post from last week) and now I'm about half way through I just had to share this with everyone!

It has shown me that the phrases "Just do it" and "Make it happen" are actually really important to take on board - I was putting off attempting the hedge because it seemed like too big a task (I thought someone would have to do it for me...) BUT actually once I got started it seemed more and more achievable and now that I'm half way there's going to be no stopping me (apart from the possibility of a wee birds nest at the end of the hedge which may mean I have to leave a section until the chicks have fledged!)

What am I trying to say? Really that you shouldn't hold back, it’s up to you to make it happen - start with small steps and then do more as you feel more confident - if I can throw another couple of sayings in - take the bull by the horns OR the first step is the hardest.

Just do it.

Remember you can do whatever you want to do, I’m really talking about getting fitter and healthier, losing that weight you’ve been talking about for months now, starting that 0-5km run training.... of course this could apply to anything that gets you closer to where you want to be - if this doesn't motivate you please feel free to come and cut down some of my hedge - maybe it has magical motivational powers…..!

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