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Prancercise! Is it the future of exercise?!

By fitasamonkey, Jul 23 2013 01:11PM

Having survived the heat of the last few weeks I'm catching up with admin today while it rains outside.

Last week I was asked to cover an Ageing Well class in Prestonpans which was great fun even though I didn't really know what to expect or what the normal class instructor does (my brief was no jumping/no floor exercises/no sweating). It was really supposed to be a low impact aerobics class BUT my exercise to music is a bit questionable at the best of times never mind when it's supposed to be a dance type class...! So I had to think on my feet and adapt my exercises while marching "in time" to the music :-)

While I was doing it I kept getting flash backs to this video that was brought to my attention by one of my male PT clients:

I'm now planning my session for Friday when the Ageing Well ladies will have to put up with my lack of rhythm once more!!

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