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What could it be?!

By fitasamonkey, Jun 18 2013 12:39PM

I was lucky enough to be invited to a 5th birthday party on Saturday at the indoor trampolines in Portobello. Once the kids had bounced so much they needed their sandwiches and cake the adults got to have a go on the trampolines. So much fun and a great way to get the heart pumping!

The 5th birthday party continued for the adults at my house for a BBQ and evening of fun and games which was lovely, unfortunately I seemed to have an allergic reaction to something (hopefully not the trampolines!) My right eye started to swell and by Sunday evening my left eye had swollen too…

My mission for the week is to establish what I am allergic to…. I’m starting by eliminating tomatoes and chillies as they seem to have appeared in my food diary every time I’ve had some form of allergic symptom…. I have Urticaria and Angioedema so it could pretty much be anything that triggers it!

Watch this space!

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